For Love or not for Love?

I was reading through some FB comments on a picture. This picture:




First off let me say that I murdered several drifters just so I could give this linebacker more thumbs up than I could physically give. 

One of these comments struck me in a way. Not a bad way or anything just a way. Someone had commented that the line backer is bad cause he is fighting fie with fire. Another person said this:

” To all those who say “So you’re stopping violence with the threat of more violence”, I say this,
Standing up for someone who cannot defend themselves is the greatest expression of compassion and humanity. Standing shoulder to shoulder with someone is a fundamental principle of society. 
The linebacker is awesome because he chooses to stand up for what he believes in, the freedom to love another human being. He has been shown that to defend another is not weakness, but a sign of strength of personality. Good on him.”

I agree 100%. But it seems that when ever we talk about gay rights its always about the right to love another person and NEVER about just being accepted or rather RESPECTED as the person you are. At least lately anyways, or maybe I just don’t listen to enough NPR (that’s silly I ALWAYS listen to NPR). Of course people should be able to love whoever they want and as far as I’m concerned whatever they want (eg. I love lamp). The comment struck me as this: We have been fighting for equal marriage for a while now and it has become a huge issue (why I’ll never know). Our gay brothers and sisters are being ridiculed still for just being gay. It almost makes me irritated when everyone just throws the word ‘love’ around and that’s it and never, “Lets make sure our fellow HUMANS can live without fear of being punched in the face cause they are gay. Yes, the whole being gay is very centrally about who you love, in terms of emotional things, but not any more than being straight is. There are plenty of straight people who choose to live alone, without a partner/wife/husband/apple pie/etc. I’m sure there are also plenty of gay people who choose not to have a partner/wife/husband/apple pie/etc and if they choose to be open about their sexual preference, they run the risk of being ridiculed, possibly loosing their job or home because of narrow-minded discrimination.

Please, love whoever it is that fills the void in your heart. But lets not forget that just because a person is gay, doesn’t quite mean that they, personally, want love. Maybe they just want to be RESPECTED as a friend or a co-worker or boss or and apple pie baker.


Gay Person: I am gay

Other Person: Oh, well you should love whoever you want!

Gay person: Love is bullshit, love is for the weak. I just think penis/vagina is hot. So fuck off please.

Other person: But i thought you being gay, you would want to love someone?

Gay Person: Hey, got a pro tip for you. Don’t assume things before you know a person. You can keep that for free, next time you need advice I’ll charge you up the ass! HAHAHA! 


I am sure this is something that is not unknown or ignored but I feel the need to say this because sometimes it feels like this whole topic is dominated by one face of the WHOLE issue. Respect is the key and always will be.


Note: I am a straight man, so I know nothing about being a gay man so maybe I am wrong. if i am please no hesitate to send me a picture of your middle finger or just leave a comment 🙂

Also, if you’re offended then I guess you should find a sense of humor. I hear eBay has them on sale. Maybe amazon… not sure really.

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I enjoy writing nonsense and things I find funny but may be and are probably inappropriate to other people. I also enjoy a good rant every now and then. I have maintained several blogs in the past and all are just filled with ridiculous content. I believe the internet is here so I may extrude my strange thoughts and odd stories upon the masses. For what is the internet if not a place to reach out and entertain, inform, and be insane?
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