Are those clouds?

I can’t quite figure it out. I look out my window and its, its strange. Not like it was yesterday, yesterday was sunny and the hill in my front yard was beautifully mowed. Now I don’t know. There is a strange moon there now. Don’t get me wrong, it is stunningly beautiful but I can’t wrap my head around how it would change so dramatically overnight.

Me and my wife, Demutes Ocmyn live in a city called Mocturep. It nice i suppose but there is an awful lot of traffic and new people come and go all the time. When we moved here it was sunny, still a lot of coming and going, but it was nice. A good place to raise family

I guess I shouldn’t be too worried about it, maybe I’ll just sleep it off. Could have been that virus I caught last week. Oh well.


********THE NEXT MORNING********


Well it’s still there but this time I’m pretty sure I saw god. This strange flying thing, grabbing and moving things! I swear I saw it create a new city out of nothing! I must be sick or something. I knew it was god when I saw it pick East Wentrok and it just disappeared! I was very scared to say the least. I then looked out to the south and saw a giant building being erected out of now where! what was happening to this place. We were getting crowded by all sorts of new cities and people. I knew I had to do something to protect my home. I figured since I work at the Capital Building, I could maybe pull some string to get whatever this was to stop once and for all. I threw up warning signs all over the city and surrounding areas, shutdown the highways and some back roads that were becoming congested. Nothing could stop this thing! It had to be god, it got through all stops and it even managed to dismantle the road blocks.

I was becoming frustrated at this Mad God. How could he disturb the whole populace like this?! I had one more trick up my sleeve. I caledl the Governor and put in a request to shut the power grid down. It seemed like this Mad God relied on our precious power grid to wreak havoc across the land. The power grid was shut down and for a moment everything was quiet. 

I woke up the next morning confused. It didn’t feel like a day had passed. The strange moon was still there and that new city that the Mad God had created was there too. I called the Governor to see if he knew what had happened.

“Hi, Mr. Governor, its me Adam.”
“Who? I don’t know an Adam.”
“It’s me, Adam Straytor! I put in the request to shut down the power grid.”
“Hrmm, its showing here in our files that it was JackHandy-WaccaWacca, who put the request in. We have no record of an Adam Straytor. Sorry sir.”

I fought for a bit, but it was futile. I went home and not even my wife recognized me. This was becoming irritating. Then I saw him. The Mad God. He ruined my life! I waited for him to pass me, and when he did I went for him. I gave it all I had, and I think I did some damage, but not before-





About advilsmith

I enjoy writing nonsense and things I find funny but may be and are probably inappropriate to other people. I also enjoy a good rant every now and then. I have maintained several blogs in the past and all are just filled with ridiculous content. I believe the internet is here so I may extrude my strange thoughts and odd stories upon the masses. For what is the internet if not a place to reach out and entertain, inform, and be insane?
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