Who in the HELL is this?!

Hi WordPress. So glad you decided to stick around and peruse. My name is Advil Smith, as I am sure you figured by the title of this blog. We can make a difference, one at a time. Make a sandwich for a dog!

I was instructed to give you a small biography of myself so here it goes.

I was born in a small Nepali village in 1976. My parents emigrated to the United States in 1981 after hearing of the massive success of the Star Wars film. I grew up a Star Wars fan and learned to hate Trekkies in my younger years but have since found that peace in the galaxy is far more important that whether Capt. Kirk is more of a ladies man than Han Solo (clearly Capt. Kirk, but that’s only cause we have more evidence of women he has wooed).

In 1994, I joined an amateur porn film troupe and began my downward spiral into drugs, sex, and angry Christians. I received several awards for my acting roles in my porn career such as, Best Line Delivery, Best Music Score, Least Appealing Ball-Wig, etc.

I quit the porn industry after being outed as a staunch independent thinker and went on to starting my music career. In 1998 I joined the band, Racket-Ballz!, which did surprisingly well considering we did covers of obscure disco songs and Enya remixes. Our first album, “A Wad in the Back of Her Throat” was widely received as “icky” and one critic said, “I listened to this album and I swear to you I wanted to kill my own mother! It was so bad that I, yes, contemplated homicide. If this album gets released to the mass public we are going to have a huge problem on our hands.”

It released in February 1999 and was the album that took a large amount of the blame in the tragic Columbine shootings. I quit the band after that and started releasing music on the internet on my own in the coming years. I also had several blogs which did no good at all and this one is currently the most successful thing I have ever done. Ever. ever.

So there you go, a bit about myself and if you are curious about my newer music projects you can check them all out. I posted links on the Contacts page.


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