Inane Filth Bath

I can’t wait for you to return home! I shaved my armpits and my back just for you and I await now with great anticipation as to what you might do with my soft body when you come parading through our front door. HARK! my panties have fallen to my ankles and my sports bra is slowly starting to tear apart; my breasts are growing as if they have an erection. OH DO HURRY my love, for if i have to wait for much longer i may have to violate our cooking utensils, i will make the rolling pin my pleasure slave and it WILL please my primal need for sex. What glorious carnal debauchery waits for you my sweet, sweet man muffin, i can smell it now; the hot, wet sexual penetration never stopping, not even to tend to our fresh born son.
Dinner is served, we have mashed potatoes and cunt, now dig in and don’t by shy, there is plenty to go around. I think the neighbor can hear me panting viciously as you send a barrage of balls toward my lathered face, lathered with Dove brand moisturizing soap for an easy clean up and clear pores.


About advilsmith

I enjoy writing nonsense and things I find funny but may be and are probably inappropriate to other people. I also enjoy a good rant every now and then. I have maintained several blogs in the past and all are just filled with ridiculous content. I believe the internet is here so I may extrude my strange thoughts and odd stories upon the masses. For what is the internet if not a place to reach out and entertain, inform, and be insane?
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